MVP’s Denmark Vs. Sweden

In a game with only 17 passes, a Swedish RB and Danish LB showed their worth for their teams.

Photo: Chris Palmgren / CP88

Jonathan Gustafsson 

Jonathan Gustafsson ended up being the deciding factor for the Swedish victory. The Swedish back did what was necessary to win the game, by pounding the ball down the middle of the Danish defense. With a longest run of 17 yards, Gustafsson still had 135 yards with an average of 4.1 yards – despite getting several negative runs by falling on bad snaps in the rainy Danish weather.

Gustafsson who had most of his carries directly from center also had the final score that more or less ended the game by making it a two score game.

Swedish MVP:.Jonathan Gustafsson

Club: Karlskoga Wolves

Size: 169 cm, 77 kg

Position: RB

Game stats: 33 carries, 135 yards, TD


David Tawake Christoffersen

FOTO: Mikkel Bo Rasmussen / 1st Down Photo (

The Danish defense had built a game plan to stop the many playmakers in the Swedish backfield. They lined up with 3 and 5 defensive linemen depending on the Swedish formation. Off the ball the Danish defense used linebacker David Tawake Christoffersen to clean up and make sure, the Swedish backs did not get any big gaines. All through the game the young LB showed his worth ending up with 9 solo tackles and 16 total tackles.

Danish MVP: David Tawake Christoffersen

Club: Søllerød Gold Diggers

Size: 187 cm, 88 kg

Position: LB

Game stats: 16 tackles, 9 solo

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Day 2: Finnish and Swedish MVP

The two starting QB’s showed why they deserved to be the MVP’s in this lopsided win by Sweden.

Photos: Chris Palmgren

Michael Cox Jr.

Leading up to the game, big things were expected for the Swedish quarterback, Michael Cox Jr. Cox Jr., whose football background was played in Miami, without a doubt lived up to the expectations. Even though he did not play much, it was because of his big plays early that the Swedes pulled away from team Finland. With his long strides and shifty moves, the Swedish star rushed for 248 yards on only 8 carries; with four of those carries ending up being scores. Cox Jr. also showed his deep ball accuracy as he had 132 yards on his 3 completions and several balls that should have been hauled in by his WR’s.

Swedish MVP: Michael Cox Jr.

Club: Southridge High School (US)

Size: 185 cm, 73 kg

Position: QB

Game stats: 3-7, 132 yards, TD, 8 carries, 248 yards, 4 TD’s

Viljami Rautavirta

Team Finland never seemed to believe that the game was lost, and at the front of the comeback attempt, one player especially stood out. QB Viljami Rautavirta did not back down and all through the game, the gunslinger kept drives alive using both his arm and his feet.

Rautavirta ended up with 4 total scores, 3 passing and 1 rushing.

Especially the young quarterback’s calmness and ability to avoid rushers, and keeping his eyes down field, finding several of his favorite targets, popped up through the game.

Finnish MVP: Viljami Rautavirta

Club: Helsinki Wolverines

Size: 180 cm, 80 kg

Position: QB

Game stats: 20-37, 191 yards, 3 TD’s, INT, 13 carries, 125 yards, TD

Team stats and player stats can be found here.

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MVP’s Denmark and Finland

After a hard fought game with several key players from both teams making plays to keep the game close to the very end, the two MVPs of the game ended up being Emil Selschou Neumann-Pedersen, RB from team Denmark and Mikko Behm, DB from team Finland.

Emil Selschou Neumann-Pedersen – Denmark

Starting RB for Team Denmark, Emil Selschou Neumann-Pedersen, showed his importance for the Danish offense early and often. Already on the second drive the Danish, the 19 year-old runningback turned the right corner for a 65 yard gain to the Finnish 3 yard line. A gain leading the Danes to their first score. Several times during the game, the patient back showed his ability to carry the team on his back, averaging 6.9 yards per carry.

The Danish back ran for 164 of his total of 166 yards in the first half and did not see extended playing time during the second half. A decision probably made to keep the Danish playmaker fresh for the game against Sweden on Friday.

Danish MVP: Emil Selschou Neumann-Pedersen

Club: Søllerød Gold Diggers

Size: 181 cm, 73 kg

Position: RB

Game stats: 24 carries, 166 yards 1 TD

Mikko Behm – Finland

The Finnish defensive back Mikko Behm played a key role in keeping the Finnish close to Denmark all through the game with game changing plays on both the defensive side of the ball and on special teams. Twice the young Finnish player picked off Mads Hagen Jakobsen. The first interception came during the 1st quarter of play and happened at a crucial point right after a 50 yard run by the Danish team.

In the middle of the 4th quarter, Mikko Behm came away with the second interception of the night for the Finnish Lions. Behm undercut a crossing route and made the diving catch on the ball keeping his team in the game.

To end his impressive game he was also the player to come up with the ball after the second successful onside kick of the night.

Finnish MVP: Mikko Behm

Club: Pori Bears

Size: 187 cm, 90 kg

Position: DB

Game stats: 2 tackles, 2 INTs, onside recovery

Team stats and player stats can be found here.

Photographer: Chris Palmgren

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Denmark seeks revenge against strong Finns

Denmark and Finland open the Under-19 European Championship, when the two teams meet at Gentofte Stadion on Wednesday.

Photo: Riitta Rinta-Tassi

Blue Lions missing strong profiles from 2016

The two head coaches must be very familiar with the opponent, as the two teams have run into each other at several occasions. Last time at the Nordic Championship in 2016, where the eventual winners of the tournament from Finland, won the game 56-14.

The Danish team will seek to revenge that humiliating defeat and keep the chance of booking a world championship-ticket alive.

And the blue lions from Finland will be without some of their big profiles from that game, including quarterback Oscar Drockila who has club duty with his Czech team Ostrava Steelers and running back Karri Pajarinen. So, it is “next man up” for the Finnish head coach.

“We are above all a team,” head coach Tero Virtanen tells  “We play two games virtually every day. That’s why it’s important for us to have 45 players in our hands, each of whom can put the ball in any situation.”

Talented linemen on both sides

The Finnish team will instead be led by quarterback Viljami Rautavuori from Helsinki Wolverines and on defense by the 1,87 meters and 140 kilos heavy defensive lineman Aleksi Olavuo also from Wolverines. Also standing out is the huge offensive lineman Mikko Rajala from Turku Trojans. The 18-year old is 1,92 tall and listed at 145 kilos.

On the other side, the Danish head coach Lars Carlsen, is also missing one of his most talented players. Middle linebacker Magnus Vöge, who is getting ready to play his senior year of high school football in Oklahoma.

The head coach must put his hopes that a talented offensive line spearheaded by Kasper Kaufmann Sørensen from AaB 89ers, can make space for running back Emil Neumann from Søllerød Gold Diggers. Wide Receiver Thomas Ashworth from Søllerød Gold Diggers will have to have a good game, if the hosts shall hope for a win.

The game kicks off at 12.00 at Gentofte Stadium, Ved Stadion 10, 2820 Gentofte. 

Tickets can be purchased at or in the door. If you can’t get to Gentofte Stadium don’t worry, all the matches are streamed live on

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Official: the Danish Roster for the U19 EC

We can announce the final Danish roster for the U19 EC next week. All players chosen to represent the Danish National Team will return to camp on Saturday before the tournament.

Jersey No. Name D.O.B. Pos. Height Weight Club Team
1 Emil Selschou Neumann-Pedersen 1998 RB 181 73 Søllerød Gold Diggers
2 Christian Hedelund Berg 1998 LB 193 111 Copenhagen Towers
3 Anders Møller Iversen 1999 DB 184 84 Aarhus Tigers
4 Jakob Bækgaard 1998 DB 184 76 Copenhagen Towers
5 Joakim Juel Ladefoged 1998 DL 195 95 Aab 89ers
6 Mads Hagen Jakobsen 2001 QB 181 85 Copenhagen Towers
7 Nicholas Tobias Kaplan 1999 WR 186 72 Søllerød Gold Diggers
9 Casper Løth Bloch 1998 DB 183 83 AaB 89ers
10 Alexander Mark Ibsen-Abela 1998 RB 167 64 Søllerød Gold Diggers
11 Emil Bo Andersen 1999 DL 197 114 Aarhus Tigers
12 Marcus Berg Boesen 1999 DL 187 97 AaB 89ers
13 Alexander Schwartz-Kristensen 2000 QB 184 81 Triangle Razorbacks
15 Jonathan Schustin Steenholt 1999 DB 180 85 Copenhagen Towers
17 Louie Aaron Burnay 2000 LB 182 103 BGI Wolves
18 Lasse Steemann Engel 1998 RB 194 95 Stuttgart Scorpions
19 Kristoffer Baadsgaard Behrndtz 1998 RB 184 87 Esbjerg Hurricanes
20 Alexander Trier Mylsted 1998 LB 188 85 Copenhagen Towers
21 Valdemar Henriksen 2001 LB 178 82 Aarhus Tigers
23 Kasper Eriksen 1999 DB 184 80 Copenhagen Towers
25 David Tawake Christoffersen 2000 LB 187 88 Søllerød Gold Diggers
30 Benjamin Østergaard Løvschall 1999 DB 181 75 Ørestad Spartans
33 Niels Helmer Büchert 1998 DB 174 61 Søllerød Gold Diggers
35 Mark Harboe Voll 1998 DB 189 76 Søllerød Gold Diggers
36 Jacob Videbæk Hansen 1999 LB 180 95 Frederikssund Oaks
40 Anders Vestergren Sandgaard 1999 HB 180 85 Triangle Razorbacks
41 Asger Borg Mølbæk 1999 DB 175 68 Copenhagen Towers
44 Asbjørn Carlsbæk 1998 DL 190 101 Copenhagen Towers
45 Max Nødskov Møller 1999 DL 178 92 Aarhus Tigers
49 Sebastian Anberg 1998 LB 190 110 Kronborg Knights
50 Jonas Christiansen 1998 OL 192 112 Kolding Guardians
52 Jóhann Utne 1998 OL 194 110 Søllerød Gold Diggers
54 Magnus Vilstad 2000 OL 187 130 Søllerød Gold Diggers
64 Fabian Hiemstra Christoffersen 2000 OL 195 110 AaB 89ers
70 Martin Vammen 1998 OL 190 115 Aarhus Tigers
72 Gustav Scholz 1998 OL 185 109 Copenhagen Towers
75 Kasper Kaufmann Sørensen 1998 OL 195 108 AaB 89ers
78 Matthias Elonga Staalsø 1998 OL 192 135 Copenhagen Tomahawks
80 Tobias Reimer Borregaard 1998 DL 196 100 AaB 89ers
81 Victor Kristian Nygaard Windfeld 1998 WR 189 87 Aarhus Tigers
82 Thomas Mikkel Ashworth 1999 WR 182 73 Søllerød Gold Diggers
83 Joakim Peter Falk 1999 WR 182 80 Frederikssund Oaks
84 Victor Løvenholt Alvan Mazanti 2000 WR 184 66 Svendborg Admirals
86 Chris Nielsen 1998 WR 187 85 Aarhus Tigers
87 Anton Frederik Engelbrecht 1999 WR 181 81 Søllerød Gold Diggers
88 Albert Kjøller Jespersen 1998 DL 198 106 Søllerød Gold Diggers
8 Christoffer Bay Carstens 2000 QB 193 78 Aarhus Tigers
14 Sebastian Winther 1999 DL 193 120 Aarhus Tigers
22 Frederik Haugaard Steffensen 1998 DB 179 80 Aarhus Tigers
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A versatile and confident coach

Swedens U19 Head Coach Andreas Ehrenreich is a man with many talents. He started coaching in 1992 with smaller teams in the community of Tyresö. Then he started focusing on the defensive part of the game and on every single position in the defense.

More than 20 years experience

Coach Ehrenreich has been coaching a lot of different teams. Teams from under the age of 15 and all the way up through senior or men’s teams. During that period he has won five national championships at three different levels; men’s team in 2001, U16 in 2003 and U19 in 2009-2011.

Furthermore, he has qualified for six finals with his team Tyresö Royal Crowns which is currently a top contender in the premier football league Superserien in Sweden. He has also been a part of the special teams and had some focus on conditioning and strength training during his career.

Coach Ehrenreich has been participating in the World Cup in 1998, coached the Junior National Team on three different occasions, the Student National Team and also the Swedish Men’s National Team. The versatile coach will this year for the second year in a row be coaching both the Swedish Men’s and Junior National Teams.

The top focus in European Championships

Coach Ehrenreich thinks that the EC has been the focus point since the day he first got the job as a head coach and he is looking forward to a tough competition with two great nations in American football.

He knows the importance of the championships, because it will give you a ticket straight to the World Championships next year. He expects the other teams to be way better than last year’s Nordic Championships. He has a great staff and they have been using the potential of their players to a point where almost everyone has taken a major step forward to become a better individual and a team.

Coach Ehrenreich’s goal for the tournament is to win and to test the team’s character and he definitely thinks that his team is ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

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Hardworking player and coach

The head coach of Finlands U19 National Team is and has been Tero Virtanen for a few years.

A lot of experience both as coach and player

Tero Virtanen started his career as a professional player in American football. He played from 1989-2007 before he started coaching. During that period, he achieved five Finnish National Championships, U19 European Championship in 1994 and a silver medal in 2001 in Men’s European Championships. The hardworking defensive back has a lot of experience with the game from a player’s point of view.

He started coaching in 2004 and ever since has been coaching in different junior and men’s teams. Coach Virtanen has been Junior National Team coach since 2007 and U19 head coach since 2015.

Virtanen is known for good planning and a hardworking attitude. Those qualities also brought him to the U17 Nordic Championship victory in 2013 and the U19 in 2016. Tero Virtanen already started the planning for this year’s European Championship in the beginning of 2016.

Competitive teams and development

The goal for Coach Virtanen is to have the most competitive team for every international competition and provide some good coaching for the players to help them get to the next level.

”Team Finland Blue Lions U19 will be competing for victory in every game. We are well prepared and we want to play high level football so that every Finn can be proud of us” Says Coach Virtanen.

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The most experienced national team head coach

Lars Carlsen is the head coach for Denmark U19 National Team. A position he has held since 1995 with a few years focusing on the Danish Senior National Team. The last 13 years Lars has been the head coach for both the Danish Senior National Team and the Danish U19 National team.

50 games as Head Coach

This year’s European Championship is going to be something special for the Danish head coach. First of all, it will be in Gentofte in Denmark but second and most important; the opening game against Finland on Wednesday July 12th will be the 50th official game for the u19 National Team with Lars Carlsen as a coach.

Besides the 49 official games as coach for the U19 National Team, he has had some unofficial games and together with 20 official games for the Senior National Team the number of games is even higher. Therefore, is Lars Carlsen without any doubt one of the most experienced national team head coaches in the world.

Another impressing stat about the Danish coach is the fact that he has brought the Danish U19 National Team to the European Junior Championships every tournament since 2004.

Play up to our best

Lars Carlsen is confident before the European Championship and he says the following to” Having beat Finland and Sweden several times in the qualification games for EJC the last couple of times and finishing on 3rd place in the 2015 EJC would make Denmark favorite in the 2017 EJC”.

But there is also a lot of respect in Lars Carlsen’s voice when speaking about the opponents. “ We are facing two very good teams in Sweden and Finland, that are very well coached and very eager to beat Denmark. Both Sweden and Finland have great football programs and have been playing football for longer than Denmark, so they are not unexperienced in any way. We must play up to our very best in all 4 quarters in both games if we want to win the EJC 2017 which is our goal”, he said.

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Schedule: U19 European Championship

The U19 European Championship is only two weeks away and we are here to give you all details on the tournament.


July 12th-14th three nations will compete for the title of European Champions and the possibility to go up against the best in the World Championship. Sweden, Finland and Denmark are to compete at Gentofte stadium the following hours:

Wednesday July 12th 12.00: Finland – Denmark

Thursday July 13th 15.00: Sweden – Finland

Friday July 14th 18.00: Denmark – Sweden

Ticket sale

You can secure your ticket now at, where we offer you a day pass for 40 DKK. If you want to see all three games you can do so with the tournament pass for 100 DKK. Children under the age of 12 will not need tickets. There are no assigned seats, so come early if you are a party wanting to be seated together.

Food and drinks

You are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks. We will sell food and drinks on stadium as well as merchandise and football gear.

Stay tuned

We will update you continually on our Facebook page “DAFF – Dansk Amerikansk Fodbold Forbund” as well as at, where we will bring previews and reviews of all games.

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