Quarterback Michael Cox Jr shined in Sweden’s 61-30 win over Finland.

Photo: Chris Palmgren

Finland got off to the best start, but came up short in the U19 European Championship in a high-scoring game against Sweden. The two teams ran and passed for 13 touchdowns and 91 points combined.

Finland put in a lot of skill and effort, but had nothing that could stop Swedish quarterback #1 Michael Cox Jr who at times looked like a grown-up playing with children. The Finnish defense had absolutely no chance to stop him, when he scrambled.

The Swedish quarterback was voted Man of the Day after a performance that included five touchdowns, more than 350 yards of total offense – in no more than two quarters.

Finland found the endzone on the first drive of the game, when quarterback #8 Viljami Rautavirta found #2 Waltteri Kinnunen for a touchdown, but Sweden answered right back on their first possession. And then the Michael Cox Jr-show started.

The college-bound Swedish-Jamaican rushed for five touchdowns, three from more than 50 yards and added another one through the air, when he found receiver #84 Johannes Lindéus for 78 yards.

Finlands offense moved the ball well and got in the endzone one more time before the halftime break, with the scoreboard showing 33-16 to Sweden.

Sweden got another touchdown in the beginning of the third quarter and 24 points ahead, Cox was put to rest and replaced in the middle of the third quarter by the backup-quarterback and Sweden rotated their players.

Both teams continued to put points on the board, but the Swedish lead was never in danger. Finland finished the tournament with two defeats, while Sweden will square off against Denmark for the European title on Friday.

Game MVPs
After the game the two quarterbacks where chosen as game MVPs.

Sweden: Quarterback #1 Michael Cox Jr. Despite playing only two quarters of football, he scored five touchdowns, rushed for 248 yards on 8 attempts and completed 3 passes for 132 yards.

Finland: Quarterback #8 Viljami Rautavirta. The Finnish player combined for more than 300 yards of total offence and four touchdowns. He finished the game with a passer rating on 118,8.

Who the European Champions will be is decided tomorrow, when Sweden meets Denmark. The game is played at Gentofte Stadion and kicks-off at 18.00.

Scoring summary: Sweden – Finland

1st quarter
0-7 Touchdown, Waltteri Kinnunen 11 yard pass from Viljami Rautavirko (PAT good)
7-7 Touchdown, Villy Tengroth, 24 yards run (PAT Good)
7-14 Touchdown, Michael Cox Jr, 72 yards run (PAT Good)
10-14 Field goal, Otto Laakonen, 24 yards
10-20 Touchdown, Johannes Lindéus 78 yard pass from Michael Cox Jr (PAT No good)

2nd quarter
16-20 Touchdown, Samu Ojanen 14 yard pass from Viljami Rautavirko (PAT good)
16-26 Touchdown, Michael Cox Jr. 71 yard run (PAT good)
16-33 Touchdown, Michael Cox Jr. 2 yard run (PAT good)

3rd quarter
16-40 Touchdown, Michael Cox Jr. 58 yard (PAT good)
22-40 Touchdown, Viljami Rautavirko, 31 yards run (Two-point conversion no good)

4th quarter
22-47 Touchdown, Carl Göransson, 31 yards run (PAT good)
30-47 Touchdown, Markus Haapasaari  13 yard pass from Viljami Rautavirko (Two-point conversion good)
22-54 Touchdown, Gustav Skeppner, 50 yard kickoff return (PAT good)
22-61 Touchdown, Carl Göransson, 2 yard run (PAT good)