The head coach of Finlands U19 National Team is and has been Tero Virtanen for a few years.

A lot of experience both as coach and player

Tero Virtanen started his career as a professional player in American football. He played from 1989-2007 before he started coaching. During that period, he achieved five Finnish National Championships, U19 European Championship in 1994 and a silver medal in 2001 in Men’s European Championships. The hardworking defensive back has a lot of experience with the game from a player’s point of view.

He started coaching in 2004 and ever since has been coaching in different junior and men’s teams. Coach Virtanen has been Junior National Team coach since 2007 and U19 head coach since 2015.

Virtanen is known for good planning and a hardworking attitude. Those qualities also brought him to the U17 Nordic Championship victory in 2013 and the U19 in 2016. Tero Virtanen already started the planning for this year’s European Championship in the beginning of 2016.

Competitive teams and development

The goal for Coach Virtanen is to have the most competitive team for every international competition and provide some good coaching for the players to help them get to the next level.

”Team Finland Blue Lions U19 will be competing for victory in every game. We are well prepared and we want to play high level football so that every Finn can be proud of us” Says Coach Virtanen.