Lars Carlsen is the head coach for Denmark U19 National Team. A position he has held since 1995 with a few years focusing on the Danish Senior National Team. The last 13 years Lars has been the head coach for both the Danish Senior National Team and the Danish U19 National team.

50 games as Head Coach

This year’s European Championship is going to be something special for the Danish head coach. First of all, it will be in Gentofte in Denmark but second and most important; the opening game against Finland on Wednesday July 12th will be the 50th official game for the u19 National Team with Lars Carlsen as a coach.

Besides the 49 official games as coach for the U19 National Team, he has had some unofficial games and together with 20 official games for the Senior National Team the number of games is even higher. Therefore, is Lars Carlsen without any doubt one of the most experienced national team head coaches in the world.

Another impressing stat about the Danish coach is the fact that he has brought the Danish U19 National Team to the European Junior Championships every tournament since 2004.

Play up to our best

Lars Carlsen is confident before the European Championship and he says the following to” Having beat Finland and Sweden several times in the qualification games for EJC the last couple of times and finishing on 3rd place in the 2015 EJC would make Denmark favorite in the 2017 EJC”.

But there is also a lot of respect in Lars Carlsen’s voice when speaking about the opponents. “ We are facing two very good teams in Sweden and Finland, that are very well coached and very eager to beat Denmark. Both Sweden and Finland have great football programs and have been playing football for longer than Denmark, so they are not unexperienced in any way. We must play up to our very best in all 4 quarters in both games if we want to win the EJC 2017 which is our goal”, he said.